Microbial Cell Engineering

Our platform is currently under development

Pioneer Biolabs’ proprietary genomics platform provides companies with an in-depth look at what is happening inside of a cell to quickly determine the best strategies for rewiring cells to produce higher amounts of protein.

After a company identifies a cell type and a target protein, Pioneer will use its platform to quickly test thousands of genomic modifications that can lead to increased productivity.

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SLALOM 1.0 PRO™ Service


We are currently offering SLALOM 1.0 PRO™ — our library synthesis service that provides quick access to SLALOM 1.0™ technology.

With SLALOM 1.0 PRO™ service, we perform library synthesis and optionally perform sequencing, data processing, and analytics on your library. Simply submit a DNA sample and we will send your library back with an average turn-around time of 1-2 weeks. We are also able to sequence the library to ensure the quality of the library. Library sequencing requires an additional 2-3 weeks.

SLALOM 1.0 PRO™ uses a two-tiered pricing model: (1) Library Synthesis and (2) Sequencing and Analysis. This pricing system only charges for the services that are needed.



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